E.I.P., S.A. is focused in the energy sector, especially in the Conception, Supply of Materials, Construction and Maintenance of Very High Voltage (VHV) but also of High Voltage (HV) Overhead and Underground Electrical Lines and Medium (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) Grids.

In the energy sector, E.I.P., S.A. is structured to develop the following activities:

• Project
• Overhead and Underground Lines and Grids Construction.
• Substations and Systems Construction
• Live Maintenance
• Electrical Infrastructures Maintenance and Remodelling.
• Catenary Infrastructures Construction (railway electrification)
• Photovoltaic Power Stations Construction
• Wind Farms Construction
• Mass production of Hot Deep Galvanized Steel Structures (Lines and Substations)
• Heavy Metallomechanics Manufacture (Hydromechanical Equipments)