Transmission Lines and Energy Distribution



E.I.P. main activity is the construction of High Voltage (HV) and Very High Voltage (MAT) Transmission Lines up to 500 kV.

Transmission Lines

E.I.P. is a market leader in Portugal for the construction and maintenance of HV and VHV Transmission Lines:
• Classified in first place in REN (Portuguese TSO) suppliers ranking, in all its publications;
• Qualified with REN Divisão de Investimento (Investment Division) and Divisão de Exploração (Operations Division) for construction, maintenance, great conservation and remodelling of VHV Transmission Lines (including Live-line Maintenance at the same potential in VHV Lines up to 400 kV);
• One of the main installers for the construction of HV and VHV Transmission Lines for independent operators (turn-key projects);
• Contractor for HV and VHV Transmission Lines construction in Spain, in partnership with its affiliate TENSA (mainly for REE, the Spanish TSO);
• Gives the necessary Support to Lines construction in the various countries where EIP Group operates.

Distribution Lines

In the Distribution sector E.I.P. is an EDP qualified supplier for the Construction, Conservation, Maintenance and Remodelling of Distribution Grids (LV, MV and HV), as well as for Live-line Maintenance (LV/MV/HV).


E.I.P. has a very experienced technical staff and very operational erection teams, as well as the late equipments, allowing to performe turn-key contracts, an essential tool for the success of its operations being the capacity to manufacture its own Transmission Line steel towers in its metallomechanics manufacture unit at MontemoroNovo.