E.I.P., with a strong Engineering component, carries out projects of VHV Transmission Lines, HV and MV Energy Distribution Grids and VHV and HV Substations, for several clients as well as for its own turn-key projects, in addition to projects in the Sector of Hydro and Electromechanical Equipments for the national and international market.
We have an experienced and dynamic engineering team in the most varied sectors of specialization (Electrotechnics, Mechanics, Civil, Geographic and Forestry).
We are qualified with REN (the Portuguese TSO), for Engineering and Rights of Way Classes including Cadastre and Indemnities (ROW).
We have hardware and software of the last generation that places us in front of the Energy Transmission and Distribution Lines Conception technology, as well as in the calculation of towers and steel structures.
We develop grid calculations for dimensioning rural or urban areas, Power Flow, short-cut currents, aerial and underground circuits, power transformers, earth grids, etc..
We support the client by advising on the choice of the best solutions for project, right-of-way or steel structure solutions to be used in a specific work.
We have also a diversified set of equipments of the last generation for the complementary activities of topography and cartography (total stations and GPS-RTK).
As far as Railway Earthing and Traction Return Current are concerned we are positioned as one of the first national Catenary engineering offices, for Conventional as well as for High Speed infrastructures.