Heavy Metallomechanics Manufacturing



Our Heavy Metallomechanics plant (hydromechanical equipments), located at Pêro Pinheiro/Sintra, with a covered area of 2 250 m2 and a total area of 15 000 m2, has a nominal production capacity over 100 000 man-hours.

This unit is integrated into the Manufacturing Department of Montemor-o-Novo, enabling a joint management of both units and taking advantage of E.I.P. industrial synergies: know-how, maximization of resources use, either of equipments or staff.

In addition to the Engineering, Erection and Tests, carried out by the respective Departments, we manufacture in this plant the following equipments:

• Steel Linings
• Flap Gates
• Sliding Gates
• Automatic Gates
• Radial Gates
• Fixed Wheel Gates
• Stop logs
• Rubber Gates
• Penstocks
• Trash Racks
• Irrigation Modules
• Hollow Jet Valves