Railway Electrification



E.I.P. started its railway electrification activity in Portugal, in 1988; since then it has installed more than 1000 km Electric Traction Fixed Installations (Catenary) in Portugal, France, Spain and Algeria.

In France since 1995, E.I.P. obtained the qualification as SNCF supplier in April 2014 for the activities of erection of new lines and remodelling of the existing ones in DC catenary (1500V) and AC catenary (25kV/50Hz and 2x25kV/50Hz).

Also present in the Spanish market since 2005, with catenary works all over the country, certified by ADIF since May, 2010.
In 2014 the Company was awarded a first contract in Algeria.

We are the first national engineering office in Electric Return Traction Current and Earth Protection Systems and the second one on Feeding Systems of Electric Traction (catenary).

E.I.P. has high skilled teams, subject to programs of continuous training, mainly constituted by workers with more than 15 years of experience in all types of catenary either conventional or high speed.

We have a complete set of railway equipments, mainly for conventional as well as for high-speed trains (dual-gauge), what guarantees an incomparable performance capacity in all the markets where we are present.